Criminal Defense

Our attorneys at Midwest Legal Group recognize that just being charged with a criminal offense, whether in state or federal court, is life-changing. Your reputation suffers and you could lose your job. Some professional licenses, such as for real estate or selling securities, for example, may be revoked whether or not you are convicted. Divorced or divorcing parents may face issues concerning spending time with their children, either through child custody or visitation.

Criminal Defense

The government commits vast resources toward prosecution, so the risk of conviction is great. You need to reduce your risk by working with our criminal defense attorneys. We focus our defense representation on the following:

  • Felonies – A crime is a felony if it subjects you to more than a year in prison. Many felonies carry a mandatory minimum time of incarceration upon conviction.
  • DUI Defense – The penalty imposed for a DUI conviction depends on whether it is your first offense, whether you were involved in an accident and, if so, whether anyone was injured or killed. Penalties are also enhanced if there were any children in the car at the time you received a citation.
  • Federal Criminal Defense – Penalties for crimes charged in federal court are generally greater than similar state court charges.

At Midwest Legal Group, we consider all the circumstances of your case. If it appears to be in your best interest, we will negotiate for lesser charges or reduced penalties. If we agree your case should go to trial, although there are no guarantees, our Attorney Michael Norman currently has a track record of a 100 percent acquittal rate at trial.

For those in Michigan, contact us at our office in Southfield where we serve those in the metro Detroit area. You may also contact us at our satellite office in Atlanta, GA, from which we serve the greater Atlanta area.